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8 Ridiculously Funny Misheard Lyrics  0

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You know when you’re loudly singing along to your favourite tunes and then someone just stops and looks at you like you’ve lost your marbles? Yeah, well the chances are you’ve probably been singing the wrong lyrics. Whoops!

Don’t worry! We all do this from time to time, and so you’re definitely not alone at all. Here are just eight of the most commonly misheard ones. I’m sure that they will make you giggle.

1. “Ohh, dyslexics on fire”


Real lyric: “Ohh, this sex is on fire”

We all remember that massive hit song Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon. Well, despite the title, it seems that some people were still singing the wrong lyrics.


2. “I’m a skittle! I’m a beatle!”


Real lyric: “A mosquito, my libido”

To be fair, understanding just what Kurt Cobain was singing was never an easy feat. He was far too grungy to annunciate properly. Still, this one is way off.


3. “Your lemonade stand is on a big plane”


Real lyric: “If you live with apes man, it’s hard to be clean”

The real lyric here is pretty much nonsensical, and so you might as well just carry on singing whatever it is you hear.


4. “I’ve got piles!”


Real lyric: “I’m on fire!”

Kasabian’s Fire was a massive hit and we just couldn’t get it out of our head for months on end. Still, it looks like some of us got it a little wrong.


5. “Scuse me while I kiss this guy”


Real lyric: “Scuse me while I kiss the sky”

No matter what you might like to think Jimi Hendrix was not singing about how much he wanted to kiss guys. Nope, he wanted to kiss the sky… which makes much more sense.


6. “It doesn’t make a difference if we’re naked or not”


Real lyric: “It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not!”

Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer is one of those tunes that none of us will ever forget. Are you sure that you know the lyrics, though? He never said anything about being naked.


7.”Kick a chicken with it”


Real lyric: “Gettin’ jiggy with it”

The clue is in the name of the song! While it might be funny (and a little weird) to think that Will Smith was singing about kicking chickens, that was simply not the case.


8. “Fly away on my sofa”


Real lyric: Fly away on my Zephyr”

I really want to believe that the Red Hot Chili Peppers have a magical sofa that can fly, but I am guessing that’s not the case. Instead, he’s talking about a soft breeze… apparently.


Revealed: Here’s What Your Music Taste Really Says About You  0

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You music taste is something that is totally unique to you and your personality. So, it’s no massive shock that the tunes you like say a whole lot about your character.

According to psychologists from the University of Cambridge, what songs you listen to can reveal a whole lot about you. What’s more, people tend to fall into two different camps – the ones who like rules and the ones who are lead by their emotions.

The chances are, the camp you fall into will determine the music that you tend to listen to. Through their research the psychologists found that people who liked structure and rules actually preferred complex music, such as jazz, while those who were emotional tended to like tracks with meaning and underlying plots. So, which category do you fall into and what does your music taste really say about you?

Mellow music

People who love chilled out, melodic music tended to be some of the most empathetic. If you adore nothing more than a relaxing tune with real emotional depth, it says that you are someone who can identify with others seriously well.


Manic music

Like fast-paced punk rock songs? Well, they you’re probably not quite the anarchist you think you are. In fact, the study found that people who like this type of music actually tend to be very logical and well-rounded.


Emotional music

This one is no massive surprise! If you happen to be an emotional person, you will likely prefer music that brings with it a whole lot of feelings. It doesn’t matter whether these emotions are positive ones or negative ones so long as the songs make you feel something. Interesting, huh?

Adele Fans Ask Her A Cheeky Question At Her Show – You’ll Never Guess How She Responded!  0

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If you’re an Adele fan, you’ll already know that this woman has a heart of gold. In the past, we’ve seen her do ultimately very sweet things for her fans, such as invite them up on stage or even meet and greet them after her shows. But, this time she has seriously taken things one step further. At a recent gig in LA, two of her fans asked her a cheeky little question – and they were totally shocked by her response!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 15.05.53

Adele picked out a random couple from the audience to join her on stage for a few minutes. Ryan Salonen and Vince Rossi were whipped out of the crowd when she noticed that the two of them were Snapchatting the entire event.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 15.06.51

While chit-chatting with the pair, she learned that the two of them were actually engaged and planning a wedding in September. Never one to miss a good party, the international pop star decided to drop a few hints.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 15.06.13

“Oh, I’m free,” she exclaimed when the couple said that they were in the midst of planning a wedding. Of course, one of the grooms took the opportunity to invite her then and there.

It was probably an off-the-cuff invite, but the singer accepted! The couple will be sending her an official invitation and a thank you note soon.

Watch the moment she says yes here:

The Complete List Of Celebs You Should Be Following On Snapchat  0

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The best thing about Snapchat is that it shows you just what people are doing while they are doing it. Sure, there’s Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter; but none of these have anything on the to-the-moment pictures you get via Snapchat.

You probably have your pals on it already but why not take things to the next level? When you watch the stars on Snapchat, you get a real glimpse into how they live. What more could you want? There are plenty of celebs out there who you can follow on the app so why are you waiting? From Avicii to Zayn, here are the people you need to make sure that you add right now. (You know you want to!)


Here’s who you really should be following:


5 Seconds of Summer – WeAreFiveSOS
Ariana Grande – Moonlightbae
Ashley Benson – Benzo33
Avicii – TimBling
Becky G – BeckyGOfficial
Bella Hadid – Babybels777
Bella Thorne – BellaThorneDAB
Blake Lively – LivelyBK
Calvin Harris – calvinharris
Charlotte Crosby – clc_17
Chloe Ferry – chloe1ferry
Chris Brown – Bpchrisbrown
Chrissy Teigen – ChrissyTeigen
Chris Pratt – ChrisPrattSnap
Cody Simpson – AussieMuso


Diplo – Diplo
Ed Sheeran – teddysdaytoday
Ellen – Ellen
Fetty Wap – fettywap1738
Fifth Harmony – FifthHarmony
Hilary Duff – ohheyhilary
Holly Hagan – HollyHagan1
Jacob Whitesides – jacobontour
Jade Thirlwall – justjadeamelia
Jake Miller – JMillerMusic
Jason Derulo – derulo_jason
Jamie Foxx – iamjamiefoxx
Jamie Laing – jamielaing
Jennifer Lopez – jlobts
Jessica Alba – jessicamalba
Joe Jonas – joseadam
John Mayer – johnthekangaroo
Josh Peck – joshuapeck
Julianna Hough – jujucaroo
Justin Bieber – rickthesizzler
Kate Hudson – khudsnaps
Kim Kardashians – KimKardashian
Kendall Jenner – KendallJenner
Kylie Jenner – Kylizzlemynizzl


Lady Gaga – ladygaga
Little Mix – Littlemix_offic
Lou Teasdale – LouTeasdale
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – mackandryan
Martin Garrix – martingarrix
Meghan Trainor – Mtrainor22
Miley Cyrus – mileycyrus
Nick Jonas – JickNonas
Nicole Richie – itsnikkifresh
Normani Kordei – moniloves31
Olivia Culpo – oliviaculpo
One Direction – onedirection
Paris Hilton – Realparishilton
Perrie Edwards – @Perriesnap
Peyton List – lalapeyton
Ruby Rose – rubyrose
Rihanna – Rihanna
Selena Gomez – SelenaGomez
Shawn Mendes – ShawnMendes1


Skrillex – skrilloo
Snoop Dogg – snoopdogg213
The Weeknd – xo.official
Tori Kelly – Koritelly
Trey Songz – treysongz
Tristan Evans – trisberg
Tyga – lamboluxury
The Vamps – Vampssnap
Vanessa Hudgens – gypsybanessa
Zayn Malik – Zayn
Zendaya – zendaya_96


Here are the top five celeb Snapchats:

You Have To Hear This! Here’s President Obama’s Summer Playlist!  0

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While his presidency might be coming to an end, this guy’s still very in touch with pop culture – and he’s willing to prove it. Barack Obama has just released a two-part summer playlist just to prove how very ‘down with the kids’ he really is!

So, what’s the deal with it being in two separate parts? Well, everyone knows that your daytime tunes and your nighttime tunes must never mix, right? That’s why the most powerful man in the world has gone ahead and created a mix for the day and a mix for the night. That way, you can relax with some chilled out tunes in the sun and then turn things up a notch when night falls – presidential style.

From Tower of Power to Nina Simone, there’s something for everyone on the playlist, which means that basically everyone is going to fall head over heels in love with this one. It seems that Obama has better taste than some of us might have given him credit for! 

Oh, and this is not the first time that Barack has released a playlist via Spotify. He created an epic family holiday playlist some time ago, which was a big hit. So, it really does make sense that he’d want to sneak another couple of playlists in before his presidency is over. You honestly have to check out these playlists for yourself – they might just be the soundtrack to your summer!

Here’s the president’s daytime summer playlist:

Here’s the president’s night summer playlist:

Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!

Feeling Nostalgic? Classic Music Is Outselling New Releases For The First Time In History!  0

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While new releases have their place in our hearts, there is something so warm and comforting about the songs of yesteryear. From The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, there have been many epic bands and artists over the years who we have known and love. Usually brand new songs from the likes of Adele and One Direction outsell these classic tunes by millions, but last year a very strange change happened.

According to Nielsen’s yearly report, 2015 saw ‘catalogue’ albums outsell new releases by an epic 4.3 million copies. (FYI, catalogue albums are ones that are 18 months old or even older!) So, why is this important? Well, it is actually the first time in recorded history that this has been the case.


While catalogue albums have always sold relatively well (everyone loves a golden oldie, right?), last year was the very first time that they took over the charts. If you compare this latest trend with what was going on just ten years ago, things seem even more odd. You see, back in 2006, new releases were outsold old music by a massive 150 million in that year alone.

So, what’s the cause? Well, it seems that we are all feeling a little nostalgic when it comes to our taste in music. Sometimes, you know what you want to listen to – and it’s something that you’ve heard many, many times before.


But, there may also be another reason. You see, there has also been something called the vinyl revival in recent years, which has come from young music lovers discovering the pure joy of a physical vinyl LP.

This would make perfect sense too, since in the first half of 2015, the sales of vinyl records were up by a whopping 50%. Despite the fact that digital releases are so convenient, it seems that these records are taking over once again! Now, that has to say something about how much people truly adore these records.


REVEALED: Here’s Why People Think That Kim, Kanye And Taylor Are In The Illuminati  0

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Think the whole Kanye-Taylor feud is real? Well, according to some conspiracy theorists (note: not us!), the whole thing is part of a grand master plan to control us… or something like that anyway.

Apparently, the Kardashians and Kanye have been mixed up in this business for quite some time. Conspiracists have even dubbed their baby, The Illuminati ‘Moon Child’. 


So, what is the deal with the Illuminati anyway? Well, some people think that there is a secret society of ‘chosen’ people, who control just about everything that happens in the world. Among politicians and important people, celebs are also part of the crew.


The idea is that they distract us with stories (i.e. the news) of wars, conflict and, yes, celebrity drama so that we never cotton on to what they are really doing… but we’re not quite sure what that is.

What does this all have to do with Taylor, Kanye and Kim? Well, according to some conspiracists, their drama is a massive hoax just so that people would pay attention to them. If you believe this, those guys planned the whole thing together.


Also, if you think that Kim is a D-list celeb, you are so wrong. Conspiracy believers actually think that she is a pretty high-ranking member of the Illuminati. She seems to be in on the joke too as she posted this (below) picture featuring the Illuminati symbol on her Instagram. She later said that she just liked the design and that it had nothing to do with the Illuminati…. Um, okay.


Oh, and remember that awkward moment when Kanye told Taylor that she didn’t deserve her award at the 2009 VMAs? Well, according to the theory, that was part of the Illuminati’s games too. This humiliation was apparently Kanye initiating Taylor into the club with the rest of the celebs.


So, many people believe that their latest drama about Kanye’s song ‘Famous,’ in which he says some rather mean stuff about Taylor, is actually a lie too. According to conspiracy believers, this is just another hoax in a long line of hoaxes to keep us interesting in these guys and their lives. Hmm… interesting!

10 Of The Funniest Music Videos Ever  0

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What’s the funniest music video you’ve ever seen? Over the years, artists have got more and more daring when it comes to shooting videos. From crazy costumes to wild storylines, these guys just want to entertain us, which is lucky really since we just want to be entertained.


So, what would be on your top ten list? I’m sure that a few hilarious videos jump to mind right away. These days, some of the videos are like full-on movies in their own right. They have characters, plots and even surprise twists at the end. If you’ve ever took the time to watch the music channels for more than a minute, you’ll know just what we mean.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.43.52

There is a real art that goes into these things. It’s not simply about having some images to go with the song. Oh no! The videos are like an art form in themselves. That’s why every singer or band out there tries to outdo one another when it comes to quirky, interesting ideas for their next release!

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.44.01

If you’re ready for a quick laugh, we might have just the thing for you. This video takes a look at some of the funniest music video moments in history! Some of the songs here go right back to the 80s, but many of them are way more modern. How many of the videos do you recognise? Would they be on your list as well?

Watch the video here:

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5 Of The Hottest New Singers To Watch Out For This Summer!  0

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Tired of the same old artists and bands? Yeah, we are too. Luckily, there’s a whole host of new singers and songwriters out there just now. In fact, this year, we’ve seen loads of truly original new artists burst onto the scene with oodles of new music just for you. If you’re about ready to update your summer 2016 playlist, make sure these guys are on it.

1. Nikyee Heaton

A couple of years ago, no one knew this lady’s name. When she started making covers of hip hop songs and posting the videos online, though, the world took notice – and for good reason. Her sultry voice is enough to draw you in and these days she’s branching out and recording original songs too.


2. Melanie Martinez

This song has already been featured as the opening of American Horror Story: Freak Show, and so a few of you may recognise it already. Melanie actually hit the peaks of fame when she first appeared on the US version of The Voice. Since then, she’s been creating some rather bizarre tunes that you have to hear to believe. 


3. Sabrina Carpenter

At just 16 years old, this Girl Meets World star has followed in the footsteps of many Disney kids before her. Yep, she is now breaking out into the world of pop and we couldn’t be happier about it. If you’re looking for the next Selena Gomez, you might just have found her.


4. Elle King

Effortlessly combining good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll with a big scoop of country, Elle’s tunes are like you’ve never heard before. There’s no doubt about it, her songs are ridiculously catchy, which means you’ll be singing along in no time.


5. Sam Hunt

We’re sticking with the country theme here. Sam Hunt is not someone you should judge before you hear his music. Sure, his songs might have a country edge to them, but they mix in a whole load of other genres just to keep things interesting.

TEST YOURSELF: Guess The Adele Hit From The First Line  0

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At the age of just 28 years old, Adele has already managed to become one of the most famous and best-loved musicians of our time. When she first hit the scene way back in the 2000s, no one expected that she would turn into the international celebrity that she is today. Yes, the singer has won our hearts and it’s clear to see why.


From her fabulous ballads to her sassy nature, there are just so many reasons that the world has fallen head over heels for this lady. It’s hard to believe that her debut album was released way back in 2008. In the years since it came out, she has gained a serious following among people – young and old.


If you happen to be a fan of this woman’s soulful tunes, we have a little quiz that you are sure to ace. While you’re belting the words out in the shower, are you really getting them right? Do you know your ‘Hello’ from your ‘Someone like you?’ Or do you just make the words up as you go along? Many people think that they know all the lyrics, but could you be mistaken?


If you want to prove yourself as a true Adele fan, all you need to do is take the following test. The idea is that you figure out which song it is based on just one line. It’s actually a whole lot harder than it sounds. You have to know the lyrics pretty well to get it all right! Good luck.


Here’s the quiz:

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