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How Independent Record Stores Manage To Survive  0

As we all know, the word independent has a hard past in the creative industries, especially when it comes to music. While it allows artists to take a stand against the corporate machine that destroys and ruins various aspects of the creative world, but it also puts you in a precarious financial position. Due to this trade-off, there are few independent record stores still going in both the US and the UK, but they’ve managed to find somewhat of a revival with the rise in vinyl sales over the past few years.

One thing we must remember about the vinyl resurgence is that most people are still buying their music through digital formats or on CD, so these days, record stores are still only able to survive on the hardcore few who choose to use the supposedly outdated form of vinyl. Friends and vinyl lovers are keeping these shops afloat, which is a massive shame!

Believe it or not, but these places are perfect for growing a local music scene, creating bands and labels that go on to make some fantastic art. If you’re a huge music fan and you want to get in amongst the local stuff, you could do much worse than your local record store. Get out there and support local music.



Here Are Bowie’s 25 Favourite Records  0

One of the many good things about collecting vinyl is that it makes for much more of an interesting time to look through than CDs or, god forbid, an iTunes library. This means that looking through a friend’s music suddenly becomes a fun and enjoyable discussion rather than a disinterested scroll through an iPod. Well, imagine if you’d been able to look through the collections of your music idols. Bowie gave us that option before he sadly passed on.

In 2003, Bowie went through his old vinyl collection of 2,500 LPs to list off his favourite 25, that he believed “could change your reputation.” If you’re interested in starting up a vinyl collection, you could do a lot worse than this lot!

The Last Poets — The Last Poets
Shipbuilding — Robert Wyatt
The Fabulous Little Richard — Little Richard
Music for 18 Musicians — Steve Reich
The Velvet Underground & Nico — The Velvet Underground
Tupelo Blues — John Lee Hooker
Blues, Rags and Hollers — Koerner, Ray and Glover
The Apollo Theatre Presents: In Person! The James Brown Show — James Brown
Forces of Victory — Linton Kwesi Johnson
The Red Flower of Tachai Blossoms Everywhere: Music Played on National Instruments — Various Artists
Banana Moon — Daevid Allen
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris — Cast Album
The Electrosoniks: Electronic Music — Tom Dissevelt
The 5000 Spirits of the Layers of the Onion — The Incredible String Band
Ten Songs by Tucker Zimmerman — Tucker Zimmerman
Four Last Songs (Strauss) — Gundula Janowitz
The Ascension — Glenn Branca
The Madcap Laughs — Syd Barrett
Black Angels — George Crumb
Funky Kingston — Toots & The Maytals
Delusion of the Fury — Harry Partch
Oh Yeah — Charles Mingus
Le Sacre du Printemps — Igor Stravinsky
The Fugs — The Fugs
The Glory (????) of the Human Voice — Florence Foster Jenkins

Have a look at the original intro that Bowie gave along with his list:

“There is really no way to do a list of my favorite albums with any rationality. I do only have about 2,500 vinyls. There is a possibility there. I’ll look through the albums and pull together a list of those I have re-bought or am in the process of re-buying on CD. I have little time, and there are just too many to sort through. So, I’ll keep pulling stuff out blindly, and if it’s too obvious (Sgt. PepperNirvana) I’ll put it back again till I find something more interesting. A lot of the rock stuff I have is the same as everyone else’s, and I have so many blues and R&B albums that it would topple over into trainspotter world if I went that route.

O.K., no rules then. I’ll just make ’em up as I go along. I’d say half of this list below is now on my CD racks, but many are finding impossible to trace. The John Lee Hooker album, for instance, or The Red Flower of Tachai Blossoms Everywhere. I have done the only thing possible and burned them to CD myself, reduced the cover art down to size, and made reasonable simulacrums of the originals.

If you can possibly get your hands on any of these, I guarantee you evenings of listening pleasure, and you will encourage a new high-minded circle of friends, although one or two choices will lead some of your old pals to think you completely barmy. So, without chronology, genre, or reason, herewith, in no particular order, 25 albums that could change your reputation.”


You Can Now Be Forever Immortalised In Vinyl Form  0

Thanks to a company called Vinyly, you can now have your cremated remains turned into a vinyl record for your loved ones to keep, rather than an urn on the fireplace. You can either keep it plain or have voices/music recorded onto it, meaning you and your family can decide what you always want to be remembered as before you die. You also get to choose the design of the sleeve, with the company suggesting a portrait or picture of the person you’ve recently lost.

All joking aside, the idea of having a little musical care package or audio of your dearly departed is brilliant so I can see why someone came up with this idea. With vinyl currently seeing a booming revival, I imagine that this company will be seeing an increase in business over the next few years. Another thing to bear in mind is that, if you’ve not recently been through a funeral, they also do it for pets and “parts of people.” Really miss your left arm and have it lying around? Looks like you’ve got something to do with it now.

See How Well You Remember The Biggest Hits Of Summer 2016  0

2016 has been a bit of a crazy year for everything, let alone music. Trump got into power, the UK is still fumbling with Brexit and Rihanna gave Drake the cheek at the VMAs when he said that he loved her. There’s been so much going on that it’s hard to believe you could possibly have remembered any of the big hits from six months ago, or can you?

Below is a quiz that will test your ability to remember the lyrics from some of the greatest summertime bangers that 2016 saw. If you think you’re able to push through the fog of a confusing year and prove you know your music, then give it a go and let us know how well you did or didn’t do.

So, how well did you do? Did you smash it? Why don’t you SHARE this article to see how well your friends and family do? I know that I like to show off my own music knowledge in public, so why don’t you join me?

Match The Selena Gomez Tune To The Music Video Still  0

One of the weird things about Selena Gomez is that while I have no real interest in her music or acting personally, I’ve essentially grown up with her in my life due to her being the same age as me and her proliferation throughout media. Not only that, but I found myself having some sort of vested interest in her life when I found out that she also struggled with various levels of anxiety. If you don’t know, she was diagnosed with Lupus not long ago and as a side effect, she’s been struggling for a while now with poor mental health. This includes anxiety and panic attacks, so in some weird way I feel like I have to stand by her.

As we all know, most of Gomez’s fans will be younger than her, meaning that her talking openly about mental health is something hugely admirable. Not only is she showing her innermost self to explain her break from music, she’s allowing people younger than her the chance to come out about their own problems. It’s great.

If you’re a Gomez fan, then you should be well up on the names of her tunes and what her music videos look like. Take a look at the quiz below and see if you can match all of the stills with the names, which should be no issue if you’re a real fan!

Which Little Mix Singer Are You Based On Your Zodiac?  0

Little Mix are one of those odd bands like Girls Aloud that seem to have started out as a plastic band bred for commercialism that you expect the cynical world to bat back into obscurity, but have managed to smash their way into the charts. If you regularly listen to popular radio stations, you’d be surprised not to hear at least one of their songs either on your daily commute or pumping through some speakers as you clean up your house. Sure, you might not be hugely into them personally, but you cannot deny that their music is incredibly catchy.

I will be interested to see what happens to the four singers of Little Mix. They’ve all got a great set of pipes on them and they’re all beautiful which means that they won’t be denied fame by this vain society, so I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them peeled away from the Little Mix brand in the hope of creating a solo career for themselves. Would it be any good? Who knows. The quiz below answers none of these questions, but will let you know which Little Mix singer you are based on your zodiac sign. Trust me, one of them is going to be big news in a couple of years.

Can You Name The Christmas Song From Just One Lyric?  0

Christmas music is an odd thing. I can essentially only stand about three famous Christmas songs which you can probably already guess. Hint: One of them is by The Pogues and the other is by Lennon. That being said, there’s a plethora of music out there that is inspired by Christmas and the festive season in general that I absolutely love. It may sound like I’m being purposely obtuse with my enjoyment of this stuff, but I can promise you that if I played you the stuff you’d enjoy it too. Well, maybe not No Xmas For John Quays by The Fall.

All that being said, this quiz isn’t about obscure Christmas music! This one is about the music that you usually hear pumping through shop speakers for a month, wondering how it is that the people working there don’t go mental and kill one of the customers complaining about the perfect service you’re offering them. If you do work in one of those shops, I expect you to get full marks on this one. In fact, these ones are so obvious that I expect every single one of you to get all of them right. Take the quiz below and see how much you really do love Christmas music!

Which 2016 Album Are You?  0

As we draw nearer to the close of 2016, with many people looking upon it as one of the worst years to pass in recent memories regarding politics and celebrity death, it’s time to have a look at some of the fantastic music that was released this year. Sure, there’s not much to be happy about when it comes to looking back at the past twelve months and you nobody would blame you for praying for Christmas to come to that you can finally get a bit festive, but the quiz below is a chance to see which album from 2016 most represents you.

2016 really was a great time for music, music that spanned various genres to create a whole rainbow of enjoyable sound. Why don’t you stick your headphones on, block out the depressing reality of 2016 and take a crack at the quiz below? Not only will it give you a chance to ignore the world around you, but it isn’t even a trivia quiz so you won’t find anything too much taxing here. Give yourself a few minutes just to click away and let your eyes blend in, while being reminded of some fantastic music that you may have missed this year.

Which Adele song is made for you?  0

While Adele may be known best for her fairly depressing and personal songs, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a a huge catalog now of songs that span various different thoughts and feelings. If you want to find out which Adele song is best for your personality, then you can take some time out and look at the quiz below.

How much do you know about Ariana Grande?  0

While we all love Ariana Grande, there’s only a small amount of us who can truly describe ourselves as a super fan. If you feel like taking a chance on proving that you are that super fan, then we’ve found a quiz just for you filled with Grande trivia that only the best of you will be able to answer.